Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Baby Crazy Quilt

I first started this baby crazy quilt this past spring. I discovered purchased these pretty Sherbert Pips fabrics.  I was immediately inspired to make another crazy quilt. I experimented with this quilt as it was made and developed by using another version of quilt as you go without the backing, then added the backing later before the assembly of the entire quilt.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Modern Quilting Origins for me!

The photo above is a a sockeye salmon almost finished trimming of bones on this side. The color is so rich orange that I find myself drawn to this color. Where I live in the Bulkley Valley, its a rich area of great fishing.

I love orange, purple, aqua, red and black. There, it out to the world. Not you average selection of colors. These are 'my' selections and I don't see them often in many other quilts I view online and in person. I just love to jazz up a quilt with embellishments and this goes for my last few years, I've begun to see the awesome art in simplicity and modern quilts.

I have no idea where I'm going to go with this quilt, but I do enjoy incorporating solid colors into my work. Though, I have only begun to branch out into more interesting ways to use solid colors in a modern way. For my 50 something brain, I do admit, that my first selections are not always with a modern eye.

 My surroundings often pull my attention. The blue of our beloved Bulkely River is so prevalent in my life, surrounded by wilderness, I live a rural lifestyle that is cruel and raw, yet comforting as well.

Cloe, our cat, is so visible in the winter, black against white. She spends most of her day outside, hunting for mice and as you can tell, she does this even in the coldest of days. Her breathing causes white frosty bits of ice to form on her fur. I derive a spectrum of color from my surroundings and Cloe is not exception. 

Hudson's Bay Mountain in the far distance peaks the landscape on a summer sunset. The blended sunset colors again mirrors the red of salmon flesh.

Again, colors of rich red and salmon pink are prevalent in my life, as I'm sure that others think about where their origins come from? This photo is my husband with his 2009 ice sculpture of a sockeye salmon. 

Where does your inspiration come from? Comment and follow this modern quilting blog made for quilters of the Bulkley Valley.