Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Modern Mini Contest-Check this out

Sometimes, we cannot think and we need something to push us over the edge into our creative zone! Well, this is how my production channel gets going and I just love to see other examples of modern quilts.

At this link, Ellison Lane is a great example of what's possible and where to get great fabric.

I'm always seeking out fabric that is vintage and many of the new designer are mirroring the 'vintage feel' in the look of new designs. This is very exciting because, we cannot forget to look back at our past to see our future. I just wish more designers were going certified organic with these new designs. Its coming and its the future and its good for the environment. If you want to see some examples reusing vintage fabric, reused fabric from clothing, check out my sister blog here.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What's a Modern Quilt?

Hello friends, someone asked me yesterday what was a modern quilt? I started looking around on the Internet for some examples and these are my interpretations of what is a modern quilt. But if you keep on reading you'll find some awesome links that are far better at giving you an idea of why the term even got started!

You can't go far on the Internet you'll quickly find Vancouver Quilt Guild. 

What's below is Vancouver MQG standard information about membership with their group.

"Our membership is open to anyone interested in modern quilting and all that goes along with it.
Members benefits include the following:
  • free monthly guild meetings
  • discounts at local fabric shops
  • members only retreats and sew-ins
  • voting rights
  • access to members only forums
The annual membership fee is $50.00. An extra $1.75 will be added if paying by paypal. Memberships expire annually on October 31."

I wanted you to see what others are doing and my friend Sonya has posted lots of Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild photos at the following link.

Check it out!

While I was there, I came across this awesome quilt from the Kansas City MQG. There are lots to look at with these two sites, they are so cool!

My friend Laurraine from Patchwork Pottery is an awesome woman and she said it best in her post Habitat Challenge Quilt from November. She writes  "Why am I joining a modern quilt guild? My style is far from modern!" After the first meeting, I realized that anything can be modern. My favourite explanations of modern were the following: Modern can encompass the self-taught/just wing-it approach to quilting. It can also describe technology used in this modern age such as blog, flickr & facebook. OH! That's totally me! I guess I'm a modern quilter!

Until next time, happy quilting! If you live in the Bulkley Valley, please follow this  blog, its a great way to keep abreast of how our BV Modern Quilt Guild is going and maybe you'll come to a gathering soon in 2012?