Monday, October 29, 2012

Modern quilt inspiration!

Where do you go for quilting inspiration?  For me, one of the most inspiring things is seeing what other people are doing with simple colours and designs.  On Flickr, there is a group called "For the Love of Solids" - all dedicated to quilting and sewing with solid coloured fabric.  They have a swap project where they enter a blind swap with other members.  All they get is a name and address, and an idea of their partner's colour and style preferences. They go out and choose the fabric and project that they will do (it's limited to "small" projects - wall hanging, placemats, sewing-machine cozies, etc..). The person they are sewing for does not get to know who is creating their "gift". At the end, everyone posts their creation and then sends it on to their recipient.

Little projects like this laptop bag make me swoon:

Laptop bag by Dashasel for Sarah at Fairy Face Designs on Flickr

But modern quilting isn't just about solid colours. This scrappy quilt will help you pare down your stash while producing something modern and lovely:
Rainbow plus scrap quilt by
For those of you who are more into "traditional" quilts, why not try a modern twist on a more traditional design?  Here's a lovely big quilt from a member of the Ann Arbor Modern Quilt Guild:
Point Me quilt by Little Red Hen

 So where are you getting your inspiration from these days?

Sunday, October 28, 2012

BV Modern Quilters Update

Hi folks,

We had a pretty small get together yesterday.  Nola arrived early and brought her young friend Lucia. Lucia is working for a year at the nursery and comes from Vernon.  She's very crafty and has some great ideas!  Kirsten arrived a bit late and brought her one an only quilt for show and tell. Carli arrived for lunch with a demonstration of a new block.  She promises to remember all the pieces for next time so we can all try it!  Joanne arrived later in the afternoon for a visit.

Our next quilt-in will be on November 17th. Everyone is welcome (and encouraged!) to bring a friend!  The quilt-in will be at the Telkwa Reformed Church from 9 to 4.

On December 7th (Friday night), we will have a Christmas social/show&tell/recruitment drive at Kirsten's house in Telkwa.  We decided on this format so we could introduce potential new members to the group in a less intimidating atmosphere where people don't feel obligated to have a project on the go.  Proper invites will be sent out closer to the date.  Members should bring a friend or two who may be interested in our group.  Also, please bring something to show and tell, and a small gift (can be new, recycled or silly) for a game we will be playing. We need to have enough "gifts" for all of the attendees.  Ideas for gifts could be bundles of fabric, fancy thread, homemade pot holders, etc...So were getting busy with lots of little gifts for our new friends!

On February 9th, we will be holding our Found, Fancy, Frugal event.  More details will emerge closer to the date, but we ask that everyone set aside that date for participating.  We all have 4 months to make sure that date is clear in the calendar.  Remember, the objective of this event is to showcase to the community how they can reuse fabric and other household objects for creative purposes.  Start thinking of a few projects that we could showcase for that purpose.  Nola found a new magazine with a great quilt made partially out of repurposed men's ties. Carli's denim potholders are a great way to reuse old jeans.

Just imagine, cheddar quilts are a true favorite of mine. This yellow lump of fabric is almost new, very little used set of cotton drapes. I intend to use it for a quilt. I bought it  here in the Bulkley Valley at one of the thrift stores for $5.00.

You just cannot go wrong with thrift buys of fabric. Miles and miles of fabric is available and we can make great quilts with it.

See you soon.....

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Quilt Guild Reminders

Hello Groupies!

Just a quick reminder that our next meet-up will be on October 27th at the Telkwa Reformed Church.

Carli has suggested that we do a stash-buster sale at out up-coming demo (November maybe?). So let us know if you have bundles you could donate - the guild would keep 50% of the commission for fund-raising, and you would take home the rest.  Check out your stashes and see what you might donate!

Also, I'd like to post a few tutorials on using technology to share and communicate with other quilters (with Carli's blessing).  Keep your eyes skinned on this space to learn a few tricks about navigating and sharing online!