Wednesday, November 7, 2012

You know what I mean?

A little bit here and little bit there, suddenly, we have more quilts to tuck our loved in on a winter night. Many of my friends have begun to understand and embrace reusing cloth from clothing. Some of my friends think I'm a little different!
But I don't care what people say or think!

Take for instance, a blog posting that using up denim in innovative ways?
In the blog above you'll see dozens of examples of scraps from all sorts of places? Does it matter? Really, I doubt if anyone who receives a lovely, handmade quilt will say, "Is this new fabric or what?"
You know what I mean?
Quilts are about the care and love that goes into a handmade item, made just for them. They will only think of the love and effort that you did,  yourself, not what kind of fabric it is.
So come and join us, let down your hair and try something new?
Velour backing/batting, denim jean circles, barkcloth background squares, wow quilt!

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