Sunday, November 18, 2012

We're coming up on one year young!

 My new friend Mertle from Hazelton came early with all her wonderful techniques and such a kind soul, she taught me how to make a pair of earrings. Thanks goodness, it was a great refresher since another friend showed me early in the summer. I've become quite a studious learner of this new craft.

 Jo, one of our busiest quilters brought her little pet and read some magazines for inspiration.

 Myrtle and Cori chatting about how her progress is going. While Jo's bright Jellyroll quilt is finished completely, wow that is bright and cheery on a snowy day!

 Does anything look familiar here? Leave me a comment if you can remember which quilt in progress this is?

Well, I tried to get something done, but between learning new beaded jewelry techniques from Myrtle, I took home more than I came with.
 Our new friend Lucia had some inventive ideas for her hat she was crocheting.
Its a reminder of her favorite  band, The Who.

 Lovely hat on a great gal! Lucia knits so fast, its unreal!

We're not having a December Retreat, but rather a Christmas Party at one of our members home. Its right in Telkwa, email us. if you'd like to come? 

We'd love to share with you!

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